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North Shore Goes Mobile

After adding Customer Portal access to the North Shore platform over the last couple of years, North Shore goes mobile! We now provide a new way of accessing the system on-the-go with the convenience of an iPhone application. Everything from CRM functions, to deal submission, site inspection, construction, and loan approval can now be performed on the mobile device (iPhone or iPad) … quickly, easily, and in realtime. In addition to that convenience and time/cycle savings, this access method provides the added bonuses of a camera, for taking property photos. The app also has voice recognition for data input and even narrative … all going directly into the North Shore database. The different mobile/in-the-field user roles can have their own pipelines, dashboards, and work queues. 

We are excited to announce that North Shore goes mobile as this project has been in development for awhile. Learn more about North Shore Systems’ mobile app.

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