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Customer & Third Party Portal

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The customer & third party portal is the white-label, externally-facing component of the North Shore platform that, like the main system, can be configured, customized, and integrated with you current environment. Likewise, users can access it as a stand-alone site, or integrate it into their central CRM site/system.

Additionally, borrowers and brokers can do initial inquiries, submit applications, and login to monitor their pipeline and deal status.

Also, third parties such as appraisers and inspectors, and contracted personnel, use the customer & third party portal to enter data and/or submit their reports and upload files/data. Advanced file-upload capabilities, coupled with an intelligent shared Checklist, make document sharing easy and drastically reduce cycle times.

Finally, production personnel can use the Portal to view their personal pipeline, monitor deal statuses, and lead the Borrower through the process of submitting information through the Portal.

Borrower/Broker Pipeline:

Borrowers and brokers have their own home screen with their current and previous deals, which can be sorted and searched.

Construction Draws:

Borrowers submit budgets and draw requests.

Borrower Dashboard:

Deal Status and outstanding items are summarized for the borrower/broker.

Third-Party Report Upload/Input:

Stress the deal, group of loans, or the whole portfolio to see the net effect of multiple shock periods.

Features & Functions

  • Prospect Database
  • Email Campaigns
  • Lead and Opportunity Tracking
  • Advanced OCR, Excel-import, JSON and XML import capabilities

NS Connect

  • Integrated with client web-site, private label
  • Initial loan inquiry and loan application
  • Customer/broker Pipeline
  • Deal Dashboard with Status and Messages
  • Data and File submission


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greater acceptance from sales staff

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more sales data to analyze

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more opportunities captured

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increase in third-party data received digitally

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time saved creating marketing campaign

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increase in accuracy and timing of draw requests

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