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North Shore CTO Discusses Advancements to NSS in 2022

Advancements to NSS in 2022

North Shore Systems has carried out quite a few advancements to NSS in 2022. We have put a lot of effort into building out the platform’s integration layer over the last year. We’ve established customizable API’s for integrating with other major industry entities and service providers. Likewise, we’ve developed a generic API library for use by our customers, to access system data on demand from any other system. 

One thing we are really excited about is the new mobile component that we are developing for iOS devices. This will add a whole new dimension and degree of usefulness for the platform. With our built-in security module, you can rest assured that all your underwriting functions will be secured.

The new loan servicing/accounting module will be going into beta use in Q4 of 2022. It works seamlessly with our Origination and Asset Management modules. Additionally, it can run standalone, or it can even be offered as a platform-as-a-service for fintech.

Slowly but surely, displacement of excel spreadsheets within the operation becomes more feasible as the online underwriting capabilities grow. Thus, approaching the flexibility and ease of use of excel along with the addition of industry-standard like features that underwriters are used to.

You can create your own PDF forms and insert them into the system such as borrower applications or any other business forms.

We have partnered with a local vendor to provide intelligent document processing directly in North Shore. This will provide our clients tools to intelligently pull information from documents directly into the system.

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