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Mobile App

The North Shore iOS CRE Mobile App provides direct, real-time access to the database. Users access the App to run reports, queries, and access the dashboard. Furthermore, individuals use the NS mobile app to create new deals, take pictures and share files all within the palm of your hand.

User-Specific Examples

  • Producers use the app to track opportunities and start new deals
  • Executives can approve loans
  • Inspectors take pictures and complete on-site inspections using the North Shore Mobile App

Main Menu:

The North Shore CRE mobile app’s functions are tailored to the role of the user. In addition, recently accessed deals are displayed for quick access.


Individuals customize real-time queries and dashboards of pipeline and portfolio data.

Deal List:

Each user has a custom filter that creates a work queue or particular view of the pipeline or portfolio. Additionally, users alter the filters and perform searches to find a record or group. 

Deals Menu (Sunset Park):

Users can add, directly update, quick size and quote deals with document generation.

Construction Inspection:

Users perform new inspections and approvals of draw requests along with the generation of related documentation or notices.

Construction Inspection:

Construction inspections are executed at the line item level, including associated images and historical inspection information.

Download the North Shore Mobile App:

Features & Functions

  • Quickly Access Recent Deals
  • Add New Entities/ Relationships
  • Create a Deal Package & Generate Docs
  • Loan Approvals
  • Upload Documents and Photos
  • Review & Filter Pipeline
  • Start a New Deal
  • Run Portfolio Reports
  • Conduct Inspections

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