The All-In-One CRE Lending & Investing Software Platform 


Award-Winning Service & Support

Our mission is to provide your business with the platform and tools needed to successfully transition from a largely manual, disparate, and offline process to an automated, centralized, and online environment.

Along with the software as a service comes the experience and best-practices knowledge of the North Shore team, with a combined experience of over 100 years of implementing CRE solutions.

North Shore Value Proposition

  • NSS is the COMPANY that will serve you the best: most experienced, responsive; using innovation to drive growth, efficiency, frictionless customer UX, adoption within clients’ operation
  • North Shore the PRODUCT is built to be the best-practices, forward thinking platform for the next 30 years; end-to-end foundation for transformation; sustainable; industry connected
  • Architecture accommodates all your business goals and operational needs: change management; stakeholder and IT alignment; client-maintained business intelligence layer; straight-thru, end-to-end dataflow; open system; support for market data; excel integration

THE Cloud Solution For End-To-End Digitization

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