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Agency Lending Portal

Agency Lending Portal

The agency lending portal is a specialized offering for Fannie/ Freddie/ FHA lenders. It is specifically configured for agency underwriting, comparison of loan options, and submission of the loan to the agencies… either through legacy methods OR through their new B-2-B platforms.

Even more significant than serving as an LOS for your agency deals and interfacing through B-2-B, is the fact that this solution provides a migration path away from the legacy, excel-based underwriting and submission forms.

The agency lending portal is cloud-based, so it can be integrated into your operation and systems however it makes sense for you.


Underwrite and submit to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

Quoting/ UW in North Shore

  • Create sizing records or quotes for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, any GSE, or any other program type all on one screen
  • Company key resulting values such as DSCR and LTV across programs
  • Select the main record when you are ready to submit a quote through the Business to Business web service

With a Single Click

Deal Status and outstanding items are summarized for the borrower/ broker.

Features & Functions

  • Online Loan Setup
  • Excel Import (optional; cashflow/ rent roll to full workbook)
  • Pipeline/ Deal Status Tracking
  • Complete Deal Data Validation
  • XML Submission (fully automated creation/ submission to Freddie/ Fannie)
  • Submission Results Display/ Resolution
  • File Cabinet (all file types)
  • Compliance Reports/ Docs/ Forms
  • Ad Hoc Query Tool
  • Built-in Security Admin Module
  • Help Desk

Available 3 Ways

1. Stand-Alone

  • Web-based software as a service (SaaS)
  • Charge: per loan submitted

2. Bolt-On

  • Integrated with your existing systems
  • Integration services provided
  • Charge: per loan submitted

3. Full LOS

  • Component of North Shore LOS solution
  • No Additional Cost for Submissions

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