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BayView Financial – North Shore’s Commercial Mortgage Pipeline System

BayView Financial Trading Group, a Miami-based investment firm specializing in the mortgage banking industry, has recently installed North Shore’s Pipeline system for the origination of commercial mortgage loans. BayView specializes in non-conforming loans and recently announced its 10-Day Quick Closing program.

“The North Shore Pipeline system fully integrates the entire “cradle to grave” functions needed to originate and close a commercial real estate loan. From origination, underwriting, application tracking, accounting, and securitization only one system is needed,” says Michael Sorenson, Senior Vice President of the Commercial Lending Group.

Brian McCracken, president of North Shore Systems states, “For the past two decades, BayView has utilized a dynamic blend of marketing, analytics and innovation to become the leading ‘investment banker to the residential mortgage industry’ – now they are applying the same principals to become a leading lender of commercial mortgages. We are pleased to have become their system of choice to help achieve this goal.”

That goal is to attract brokers with the 10-Day Quick Closing program and the Pipeline system will help achieve this. In fact, an Internet browser can be used by brokers to see the status of their loan.

Steve Harris, Chief Technology Officer of North Shore, points out that the system has been in development for three years with the help of some of major lenders in the industry. “We have utilized a hybrid of client server and Internet technologies. In the case of an originator in the field or a third party we offer browser-based modules we call Express modules, while for more intensive processes we utilize programs of more traditional architecture for speed and reliability. The customer can basically choose what functions they want to perform via a browser and what functions require the speed and reliability of a direct connection. Internet technology is in its infancy and while we have embraced it, we feel our unique offering of a layer of web-based modules on top of an industrial strength enterprise system presents the customer a best-of-both-worlds solution.”

In addition to Pipeline functions, North Shore includes a Portfolio Assistant module that pulls information from the Pipeline system and the lender’s servicing systems and allows the lender to slice and dice their portfolio and run it against different rate scenarios. The North Shore database represents an integrated real estate data warehouse that can now be accessed by loan officers and credit administrators via either a browser or client server.

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