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North Shore Systems Gives Demo at MBA’s CREF ’24 Conference

Last month North Shore Systems attended MBA’s CREF ’24 Conference held in San Diego. This event provided a valuable networking experience as it brought together key experts from the commercial real estate industry. Exhibiting gave NSS the opportunity to showcase our latest innovations while also gaining insights on emerging trends shaping the industry. Some of the highlights from our experience at the conference include:

1. Captivating Discussions

The NSS team sparked riveting conversations with peers, discussing topics ranging from market trends to recent North Shore software developments. These conversations opened the floor for us to share our opinions on the rapidly changing industry while also gaining valuable insights from others on what they are searching for in an LOS. These insights and feedback will ultimately help us inform our future strategies as we continually revise our platform. 

2. Networking Opportunities

MBA’s conference offered numerous networking opportunities for attendees as it served as a location people from all over the country could meet at. The exhibit hall created a welcoming environment to understand people’s software needs and how we may be able to best fit those needs. Ultimately, the team enjoyed sharing ideas and exploring potential collaborations that could enhance our software offerings in the future.

3. Showcasing Our Expertise

At our booth, we showcased our three cutting-edge software platforms which are customizable and designed to address the ever-changing needs of CRE professionals. This included our base system, external facing portal and mobile app. We received positive feedback from those who took a deeper look at our system. Thus, we are looking forward to following up with them and continuing those conversations.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to give a ten-minute demonstration on our system in the exhibit hall. Our demo consisted of a high-level overview focused on how our three platforms (the base system, external facing portal and mobile app) can all be used in the process of importing and updating a construction loan. This opportunity allowed us to showcase our system on a larger scale.

4. Insightful Sessions

In-between exhibiting we were also able to attend a few sessions featuring industry experts who shared valuable information on the state of the industry now and a projection of what it might look like in the coming future. These sessions inspire us to continue to stay ahead of the curve and enhance our system with new and improved features for our users.

Overall, we had a great experience at MBA’s CREF ’24 conferenceNorth Shore Systems has been attending this conference for over twenty years now and we are already looking forward to going back for an additional year. 

Moving forward, we are excited to follow up on the connections that we made at the conference and begin putting into action some of the exciting new ideas that sparked from attending CREF.

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