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The Intelligence Layer in North Shore IQ

Major changes are occurring in CRE and finance, and will continue to even more in the future. While originations have slowed down, activity in non-traditional sectors has been active. More attention has turned to quality of assets and monitoring portfolios. The effect of these trends and changes on capital markets and the operations within them have been huge. The business operations that can pivot, and implement new products or approaches as these changes occur are the ones who can capitalize on the changes and opportunities they present. Being quick on your feet has a lot to do with what you are equipped with. Having your business equipped with flexible, adaptable systems determines how you will perform.

NSS’s new and current customers are putting a lot of attention on data and deriving intelligence from it that can be used to create efficiencies, guide decisions and affect the bottom line. While finding data, aggregating it, qualifying it, scrubbing it, and making sense of it has proven very challenging, just encapsulating knowledge and expertise, and deploying it and refining it is done more easily using a rule base, better yet deployable with an embedded rules engine.

Intelligence Layer

The intelligence layer in North Shore IQ is an extremely powerful and vital tool for lenders and investors. They use it to differentiate and optimize everything from deal screening and underwriting, to workflow, loan approval, and portfolio surveillance. All of the company’s internal and externally-acquired expertise in these areas can be encapsulated in the system and made actionable by formatting as simple if _ then _ rules. The blanks are maintained as parameters that are easily and periodically maintained by the source. Additionally, changes can be made according to market conditions, industry trends, agency compliance, and product strategy. Existing customers are encouraged to expand their use of NS IQ, defining rules behind all front-end and back-end processes. We want to make our clients self-sufficient when it comes to defining and maintaining this intelligence layer.

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