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North Shore Mobile is Now on the Apple App Store

North Shore Systems has officially launched their iPhone app, North Shore Mobile, as an extension of its industry leading CRE lending and investment platform. NSS is extremely excited to announce this release, as the project has been in development for over a year. With this mobile app, users can now take the system with them on-the-go. Furthermore, allowing them to perform inquiry and update functions onsite as well as time-sensitive transactions in the field. Without the confinements of being physically in their office or having to be on the company network, lender personnel can access the system instantaneously at any point, and from virtually anywhere. In other words, uploading pictures and documents has never been easier. Essentially, this new element of the system enhances NSS’s themes of flexibility and convenience, making it simpler than ever for users to streamline and automate the entire loan process from end-to-end.

North Shore Mobile Features

Producers can perform CRM and access the complete database of entities, properties, and leads. Additionally, they can start deals with quick sizing using stated amounts. Producers can also access rent rolls and operating statements to make quotes. Site inspectors can enter property data and take/load photos directly into the database. Analysts and underwriters are notified when new documents have been uploaded by the borrower or received from a third party. Also, loan approvers can review underwriting documents routed to them and approve deals on the go. Construction engineers and inspectors can now review and approve draw requests while in the field or traveling between sites. Asset and portfolio managers are automatically routed alerts that need their attention by the systems intelligence layer, North Shore IQ. Lenders can now provide timely responses to clients or co-workers without the hassle of having to be near their computer. Lastly, users can generate, view or send reports and documents from the app. 

Ultimately, the North Shore mobile component gives NSS an edge over their competition as many of their competitors within the CREF tech space do not offer mobile versions of their systems.

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