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2022’s Product News

Throughout 2022, North Shore Systems went through multiple different product enhancements. Continue reading to learn more about NSS’s 2022 product news.

Asset Management

The first piece of product news is that we have completed a large upgrade/expansion to the Asset Management side of the system. These enhancements include re-underwriting capabilities within the Asset Management side of the system for Annual and Interim reviews. Essentially, a new Loan Terms Analysis screen gives you a side-by-side view of the Original Loan information, the current Servicing Information, and a Quoting/Analysis area all in one page.

Construction Module

Next, we have completed enhancements to our Construction module. This includes a new Draw Inspections screen that not only captures the information of the current inspection, but also provides a view of the work completed-to-date as well as the remaining balances post-inspection. E-signature capabilities have also been integrated into the Construction Budget Approval process and Draw Request process.

Pricing Model Integration

Also, the embedded excel model can be accessed from within the application and shared by all internal or external originators. Additionally, this is done with centralized maintenance and administration.

New API's and Vendor Relationships Established

NSS has been proactively forging new relationships with other vendors in the technology and data marketplaces to further increase efficiency. This is done by extending the digital part of the process and to add value to existing services used/subscribed to by pulling that information in as needed during origination and by making the North Shore data accessible to other systems in the enterprise.

Upgraded Analytics Layer

The reporting/analytics layer of the North Shore platform has grown leaps and bounds in its functionality, ease of use, and dashboard capability. Clients can build their own reports, extracts, and dashboards that can be personal or global within the enterprise. The sky is the limit with this tool for adding value and extending the system’s integration with external data requests.

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