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Ad Hoc Query

AD HOC Query

Ad Hoc Query

The Ad Hoc Query tool is one of the three reporting tools available in the North Shore platform. Individuals use this tool in a variety of ways as it can export to excel, word, pdf, etc. Users can create reports for immediate use with this tool. Essentially, individuals utilize this screen to create on-the-fly reports and data extracts using streamlined views and easy field-selection.

Pipeline & Portfolio Reports

Personal Dashboards


  • Create reports on a whim
  • Construct user-specific dashboards
  • Create data dumps for immediate use
  • Pull any data out of the system in a multitude of formats
  • Export data to excel and other formats
  • Users have the option to auto-schedule and send reports automatically via email
  • Provides a streamlined view of users’ data
  • Access ALL data points in real time
  • Click-and-drag report design
  • Add graphics into reports

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