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Introducing The North Shore Systems Servicing Module

In the past, North Shore’s ability to seamlessly integrate with external servicing systems has been widely used by NSS customers. While this is still a viable option, North Shore now offers their own servicing component. This module is seamlessly integrated with the entirety of the NS platform. The release of the NS servicing module truly marks the completion of the end-to-end platform. That being said, The CREF Operating System™ is always receiving updates and modifications to ensure that industry professionals are using the best and most up to date system. Furthermore, here is an overview of some of the key features that are included in the North Shore Servicing component.

North Shore IQ

First and foremost, the North Shore IQ component is utilized to make every aspect of the servicing system intelligent. In other words, North Shore IQ is the business rule engine which NS uses to automate certain tasks, making the system more efficient while also reducing errors. With the North Shore IQ piece, users can create their own rules-driven processes to automate various administrative tasks within the servicing module. This component elevates the functionality and customizability of NSS’s servicing system. 

Cloud-Based System

Similar to the rest of the system, the servicing platform is entirely based in the cloud. Essentially meaning that users do not need to download the software to their local computers. This makes it more convenient for users to access the system from any device as everything is done online. Likewise, the cloud-based software allows users the ease of sharing files with one another. Since all the data is stored in the cloud, multiple users are able to access the data at one time. Thus, seamlessly sharing information through the system with one another.

Customizable Servicing Module

Also, North Shore Systems offers customization across all of the North Shore modules and that is no different for the newest module, servicing. The NS servicing platform is fully customizable, meaning that users can tailor it to their specific, everyday needs. Pages within the system can be turned on and off according to each individual’s needs. Therefore, users no longer have to look at the clutter of unnecessary pages on their screen. In addition, specific screen customization requests can be made so each page best fits with your workflow. Feel free to reach out with any specific questions or requests regarding customization of the servicing module or any other modules within the system.

North Shore Systems provides a complete end-to-end system for the entire loan lifecycle. With its modular approach, users can choose which modules to implement and which to omit to suit the needs of their specific operations. Reach out to NSS for more information on The CREF Operating System™.

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