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NSS Uses The Latest Technology to Create 2023 Accomplishments

A Message From Our Chief Technology Officer, Steve Harris

As year-end approaches, it’s time to reflect on our past accomplishments in 2023, using the latest technology, and our future vision for 2024.

Here at North Shore Systems, we are extremely client focused providing easy to use software with the latest technology. We have expanded our system for our clients through the use of API’s for easy retrieval of third party information and the automation of business intelligence execution through our easily configurable desktop. Although it is almost impossible for our clients to rid themselves of excel spreadsheets and PDF, we have provided a more seamless module to render directly in our system without having to download and re-upload the files from your desktop! This has really improved the workflow for our users.

We have many exciting enhancements and modules ready for release in 2024. We will be releasing enhancements to our servicing module and NS Mobile iOS App. These are our two most recently finished modules which complete our end-to-end solution that we always envisioned. We will also be releasing our new “look” UX. This will include page and workflow enhancements for our clients. Additionally, reporting will be expanded to create easy one-click reports. We are also expanding our API inventory to bring in more information from outside vendors.

At North Shore Systems, we will continue to innovate, enhance productivity, and ensure sustainability for years to come. Furthermore, we are constantly applying our principles through value-based software design to help us keep exploring.

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