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Introducing North Shore Systems: A Construction Loan Software Designed for You

Based on 60 years of experience developing tailor-made construction real estate systems, North Shore Systems created an industry-leading construction loan software. It offers comprehensive customization through a core set of modules. With these modules, the software offers a workflow that can be tailored to your specific needs. While customization in CRE construction loan software is great, it still needs complete functionality. So, here’s an overview of the features you can expect from North Shore Systems.

Entirely Based in the Cloud

The entirety of North Shore Systems’ construction loan software is entirely based in the cloud. This includes the construction loan administration and construction loan finance aspects of the software. As cloud-based software, you have built-in security, no maintenance costs, access from anywhere, fast implementation times, and simple integrations.

Bring Underwriting Online

North Shore Systems takes your entire underwriting online. It uses the same basic process you’re already familiar with using excel-based financial analysis and loan sizing but simplifies your workflows. You can create customized standards based on prebuilt standards to make a process specific to your organization’s needs. North Shore Systems also incorporates rule-based underwriting to make your process even more efficient. 

To make it even better as a construction loan finance software, you can access your underwriting tools anytime, anywhere.

Full Access to North Shore IQ

As the industry’s most sophisticated software, you can rely on North Shore IQ to make every aspect of your process intelligent. With North Shore IQ, you can create rules-driven processes to ensure 100% compliance. These rules-driven processes allow you to automate common administrative tasks while bringing the experience of your seniors into every aspect of your processes. North Shore IQ allows North Shore Systems to act as a full-service construction loan administration software.

Built-In Integrations With Your Existing Services and Systems

North Shore provides more out-of-the-box integrations with other services and systems than any other loan software in the industry. Each of these integrations uses our 20 years of experience building interfaces and connections between systems for a flawless integration experience. You can also request custom interfaces and web services for any of North Shore’s integrations to perfectly fit your needs.

Trusted by industry leaders for over 20 years, North Shore Systems provides industry-leading construction loan software. Through its modular approach, you can tailor North Shore’s software to your specific needs offering full customization of each module. It’s also one of the easiest software to integrate into your processes with the most built-in integrations and a 100% cloud-based approach. Reach out to North Shore Systems today to see how they can help you optimize your processes. 

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