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ARCS Commercial Mortgage Goes Live With North Shore Systems All in One Package

After choosing the software application from North Shore Systems (NSS), ARCS Commercial Mortgage, the country’s largest Fannie Mae DUS lender, is using North Shore’s web-based commercial real estate lending system to originate over $3 billion of multifamily loans a year.

Soon, over 80 originators, analysts, and processors in the company’s seven nationwide offices will access the system on-line via the web.

The loan information captured by the system is used by the underwriters for side-by-side comparisons of the different loan programs for determining the best execution of the deal.

All documents, including the loan closing documents, are generated out of the system automatically and without any additional input. This has resulted in a 25% decrease in the time it takes to generate a loan and has greatly reduced the cost of origination.

North Shore also has developed an interface with Fannie Mae systems for the electronic submission of the loan’s MCODES … another huge use of resources benefit.

There will also be an interface with the company’s loan servicing system from McCracken Financial Services, so loans can be boarded automatically from the North Shore system with minimal or no manual intervention. These interfaces greatly reduce both the time and the errors normally associated with manually transferring this information.

Besides decreasing the cost of generating a loan, ARCS will be using North Shore’s portfolio reporting capability to manage their business and determine where best to concentrate their efforts.

Tim White, ARCS EVP, sums it up this way: “We are on a mission to improve our processing times and eliminate double entry of data throughout our organization. The North Shore system is a critical component of our strategy. We believe the North Shore system will allow us to integrate our processes in ways not possible just a few years ago, and we expect that timeliness and efficiency will be significantly improved once the system is fully operating within our organization.”

Brian McCracken, North Shore president, explained that “the company’s web-based software release provides all the features and benefits of its existing client server system, with the added benefit of thin client, making it easier to implement, administrate and access.” The features he refers to include integrated underwriting, for maximum efficiency gain, and intelligent document design, generation, and management.

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