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The Loan Origination System is the Digitization Hub

Data Hub

With the continual updates to North Shore’s software, it is proven to be significantly more efficient than in the past. With the way the industry is moving it is essential for companies to continue to digitize themselves. Moreover, they must move towards becoming a centralized digitization hub. Modern day automation is necessary to maintain and increase their efficiency. This is a fact that the industry is being forced to come to terms with.

Therefore, North Shore offers a digitized end-to-end commercial lending platform that serves the client from loan origination through servicing to asset management. Many other companies may only address a portion of this process. However, North Shore ensures that the entire process is digitized in one convenient and easy to use location. This platform serves as a digitization hub (or data hub) which covers the entire loan and investment lifecycle for their customers. 

Further Digitization Within The CREF Operating System™

While North Shore offers a complete platform, they also offer the ability to seamlessly integrate with other client systems. For example, if a client already has a servicing system provided by another tech company, NSS can integrate The CREF Operating System™ with the client’s previously existing servicing system to maintain an end-to-end platform.

Additionally, North Shore has continued to digitize their platform as they offer multiple ways to access their system. To put it simply, North Shore offers a portal where external users can access the system at a limited capacity. This way external users can upload their data to the system in a more simplified manner. NSS also offers a mobile component where users can access the system on the go. With multiple access points to The CREF Operating System™, NSS has proven its dedication to continually digitize their platform. 

For more updates on how North Shore is continuing to remain a digitization hub, follow North Shore Systems on LinkedIn.

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