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North Shore Releases 8.5 C&I Underwriting Model

Credit Analysis

  • In-Depth Ratio Analysis
  • Risk Rating (Setup your own criteria)
  • Collateral Analysis
  • Multi-Entity Consolidations
  • Global Cash Flow Analysis
  • RMA Industry Comparisons

Financial Statements
To support your credit analysis, North Shore provides actual, projected and interim statements.

  • Unlimited Balance Sheets
  • Unlimited Income Statements
  • Statement of Owner Equity
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • UCA Cash Flow Format


  • Business rules engine can ensure that loans comply with current underwriting standards
  • User has option of utilizing our canned approval document or configure a custom approval document.
  • Loan Approval rules identifies the approval levels and assignment of approvers

Monitoring and Servicing
Our tickler system helps you ensure that all post-approval tasks are performed:

  • Annual income statements
  • Monitoring covenants
  • Inspecting construction progress
  • Annual property appraisals

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