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Marketing Our Commercial Real Estate System

Exactly one year ago our Marketing Coordinator joined the North Shore team. Since then, we have made many updates and changes to marketing our commercial real estate system. One of the main updates was our shift in referring to our end-to-end system as The CREF Operating System™. Here’s an outline of what else we’ve been up to, marketing-wise, for the past year.


At the end of last year one of our primary focuses became updating our website. This included moving our website off of our previously used host server and onto our own server. Now, NSS is proud to share that our website is being self-hosted. After making this shift we began to truly prioritize revamping the look of our site. This included updating colors, fonts, menu bars, the general layout of our website and so much more. Since beginning the revamp at the end of 2022, we have been continually updating our website, ensuring the content stays up to date and the website has a relevant and updated look and feel to it.


During the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 we made a huge push to update our marketing graphics. With the revamp of our product being called The CREF Operating System™, NSS produced their new cloud graphic which depicts the entire end-to-end cloud solution and all of the modules that make up our commercial real estate system. This is the most important graphic we have upgraded since it sets the foundation of what our company is all about.

After finalizing this baseline graphic we prioritized creating new materials for our upcoming trade shows taking place at the beginning of 2023. This included printing new trade show banners, brochures and business cards. With all of the graphics we’ve been updating, we have prioritized creating a cohesive look and feel across the board.

Written Content

With our push to update our website, we’ve also been prioritizing producing more content. This has been done in the form of blogs and news posts to be uploaded on our site. In addition, we’ve been releasing our company and customer news through newsletters. Look out for our next newsletter. Also, be sure to routinely check out our blog and news pages as we have a lot more content coming out in the next couple of months.


Prior to this past year, minimal content had been posted on our LinkedIn page. Now, it is a space where we actively keep our community informed. We post live updates on which trade shows we are attending as well as sharing about content we recently posted on our website. We’ve loved growing our community on this platform and we are excited to continue to grow that community even more. To stay up to date with all things North Shore you’ll want to follow us on LinkedIn.


Over the course of 2023 North Shore Systems has been working with an outside contractor to produce multiple videos outlining the company and pointing out key features of the system. NSS recently finalized a video which outlines the nine separate modules of The CREF Operating System™. It goes on to explain the different combinations of modules that users can choose to implement for their everyday needs. These marketing videos are being used in a variety of ways. Some examples include being shown during demos and trade shows to give a brief rundown of our robust system. Many of these videos you can currently find throughout our website, providing more contextual information regarding The CREF Operating System™. Check out the rest of our website to view some of our newest videos.

Ultimately, this article gives readers a brief overview of some of the main marketing updates we have been focused on over the past year. These changes have allowed us to continually promote our company within the industry and schedule more demonstrations with potential clients. We look forward to expanding the company through our continual marketing efforts over the next year as well. To learn more about North Shore Systems and our commercial real estate system, be sure to fill out our contact form and check back to watch our marketing efforts be carried out over the next year.

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