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Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud-based software is the way of the future and many companies have seen the numerous benefits that it has to offer. Continue reading to learn about the key benefits of cloud storage that North Shore Systems has seen with their own cloud-based, end-to-end CRE platform.

1. Multiple Users

With a cloud-based software, multiple users can access the system and/or data simultaneously. Additionally, this allows multiple individuals to collaborate on a project at any given time. Users no longer have to wait for one another to access a specific data point or part of the system. Rather, multiple users can work with a specific set of data at once.

Likewise, users are able to access one another’s files in real time rather than waiting for their co-workers to send files to them. Cloud-based software, like The CREF Operating System™, provide considerable conveniences for many teams, leading us directly to benefit #2…

2. Convenience

As mentioned above, cloud-based software makes it easy to share files across the board from one person to the next. 

Likewise, users can access the data and system from anywhere at any point in time. Since cloud-based softwares do not need to be downloaded to a user’s computer, they can access it from any device. In other words, if you save a file in the cloud software, you can later access it form any device using the internet rather than having to return to a specific device to retrieve it. This makes working on the go much simpler. 

North Shore’s cloud-based software offers an easy-to-use interface making it even simpler and more convenient for users to access their information.

3. Synchronization

As discussed earlier, data can be accessed from any device, at any point, anywhere. Likewise, data is immediately available for all involved parties. This means that the data is instantly synched for everyone across all devices. In other words, with the aid of synchronization, users are able to seamlessly access their data from anywhere. Information no longer needs to be copied from one device or platform to another. Instead, it will all be synched and stored in the cloud. With a good internet connection, everything can be accessed instantaneously.

4. Security

Cloud storage is one of the best options in terms of disaster recovery as it keeps your information secure. All of your files remain safely stored in the cloud at all times. This makes it much more difficult for files to become corrupt or lost since it is stored in a remote location rather than on a user’s personal device.

Ultimately, cloud-based solutions are the way of the future as there are many key benefits of cloud storage as opposed to any alternative solutions. For more information on North Shore’s cloud-based software, known as The CREF Operating System™, fill out the contact form and a North Shore representative will provide you with a plethora of information.

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