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North Shore Systems
216 Avenida Fabricante, Unit #102
San Clemente, CA 92672
Ph: 949.545.6550
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CRE Lending System: Overview

North Shore System an industry leader in providing technical solutions to the Commercial Real Estate Finance Industry. We are best known for our cutting edge technology solutions, including 100% web-based applications. In addition, we offer an array of products, anchored by the North Shore Pipeline Module, that automates the lending process and addresses many inefficiencies in the industry. Through our system, we have the ability to connect the different players in the commercial lending process.

North Shore differs from other systems providers by partnering with their clients to deliver a Comprehensive Needs Analysis, Customized Business Solutions, Unsurpassed Implementation Services, Performance Analysis, and On-Going Maintenance Service & Support.

Two levels of solutions:
‘Out-of-the-box’ system with ‘best practices’ built into it. This generic version is configured to handle all commercial lender programs and products, with a classic built-in work flow and deal team structure. Industry-standard checks and balances are present at critical points in the process. A CRE underwriting template is provided if there is a preference for off-line underwriting, and all the deal data can be pushed out to excel for asset summaries. All the key documents can be generated in each phase of the origination process, along with operational and management reporting.
Customized system, configured to lender’s way of doing business.


North Shore™ Features:
North Shore for Multifamily Lending
Workflow Automation
Pipeline Tracking
Broker Interface
Sizing/Loan Options
Quote/Application Tracking
Business Rules/Exceptions
Integrated Underwriting
Cash Collections
Borrower Relationship
Credit Bureau Download
Fee & Expense Tracking
Property/Unit Mix
Tenancy Details
Site Issues/Improvements
Site Inspection/Appraisal
Sales Comps
Management Firm
Future Commitments
Loan Approval
Closing Checklist
Management Reports
Doc/Letter Generation
Servicing System Interface

For Portfolio, Mortgage Bankers, CMBS, Conduit, Multifamily, & Brokers: 
NSS provides a proven enterprise lending system that is used by a variety of CRE lenders
The North Shore™ system is the most seasoned loan processing system on the market today. The system has been utilized to process over $80 Billion and close over $10 Billion of commercial mortgages of all types, from origination to funding.
North Shore™ aggregates all your loan information for Deal Management and Workflow Automation
The North Shore™ database aggregates all of your company's information, on everything from Borrowers, underwriting information, properties, pictures, site plan, maps, vendors, brokers, etc. into one central repository. The Lenders Desktop and Deal Dashboard helps manage everyone's workflow and provides instant deal status information. It's easily tailored to conform to the lender's unique processes while capturing data to produce key reports and documents at each stage.
North Shore™ provides the ability to efficiently collaborate with all parties involved in the transaction
The North Shore™ system allows for all parties to collaborate and share information on a loan transaction, no matter where they are located using web-based eLinks. This could include remote field offices, Correspondents, Vendors, Borrowers and Agencies.
North Shore™ provides the ability to efficiently collaborate with all parties involved in the transaction
The North Shore™ system allows for all parties to collaborate and share information on a loan transaction, no matter where they are located using web-based eLinks. This could include remote field offices, Correspondents, Vendors, Borrowers and Agencies.
North Shore™ enables lenders to migrate away from excel spreadsheets for underwriting
The North Shore™ platform provides the ability to either integrate existing excel-based underwriting spreadsheets or replace them with the system's own underwriting capability - SmartFlow. When underwriting in the North Shore system, all information goes directly into the database. Loan programs can be run side-by-side to find the best execution. Standardization of underwriting can be implemented. Furthermore, there are no spreadsheets to keep track of, no integration issues, and no questions about the integrity of the data.
North Shore™ generates all documents, forms, and reports
The systems IntelliDocs module integrates with Microsoft Word for all document generation. Company-wide letter templates can be accessed, used and modified for increased efficiencies. All correspondence is kept in the loan's electronic filing cabinet. Closing documents can be also be generated for collaboration with the lender's legal representation.. All documents generated and files sent by others are stored in the system's eFile Cabinet.
North Shore™ can be integrated with other systems
Using the system's X-Integrator, it can pass data to and from the lender's servicing systems, accounting systems or any other information system.
North Shore™ facilitates a streamlined and well-coordinated Closing process
QuickClose makes it easy to collaborate with closing parties while ordering reports, using a checklist, tracking to-do's and expirations … even tracking escrow accounts and generating closing statements..
North Shore™ captures extensive information for rating agencies and investors
The North Shore™ system's extensive and comprehensive database captures property, borrower, financial, cash flow and deal structure information, which can be extracted and analyzed a variety of ways using the FlexPool tool.
North Shore™ accommodates the CMSA Investor Reporting Package Loan Set-up file
The North Shore™ system makes generating the IRP Loan Set-up file as easy as 1-2-3. Information can be accessed on screens, reports, or on tape, making the distribution of pool specific information to various parties effortless.

North Shore Systems provides consulting and implementation services for a
Total Solution.

  The North Shore Systems team provides services to help you determine the best technology solution for your organization. We can help you weigh the various merits of Enterprise vs. ASP or Licensed vs. Proprietary (In-house) systems.

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