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North Shore Systems
216 Avenida Fabricante, Unit #102
San Clemente, CA 92672
Ph: 949.545.6550
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Overview: North Shore for Brokers
30-Day Free Trial
In addition to a comprehensive lender database, you can start simple pipeline tracking, deal management, and maybe even letter/document generation as well. Gradually, you could turn on functions like loan packaging, property/owner database, fee tracking, etc. if applicable. Whatever you don't need you can turn off and no one will see it. You would also be entitled to all future updates to the NS system, which would include ongoing enhancements to the system (e.g. web-page lender questionnaire, increased integration with Outlook, etc.).

The lender-specific functions outlined below will fulfill every essential requirement and report supplied to us by your team (e.g. separate details on each type of major program the lender might offer, detailed search with lender matrix, etc.). We would work closely with you to make sure you get what you want and that it is usable by your people.

Broker Data Flow

Key Benefits and Features

General Functions
Broker Desktop (New Deals, Deals in Process, Tasks/Msgs/Alerts)
E-mail Originators (by group or all)
Company Calendar
Individual Calendar
Portal for news, links, messages
Lender Database & Functions
Lender Details & Functions
Store all Types of Capital Sources
Lender Contacts & Contact Log
Lending Programs
Quick Search
Detailed Search w/ report
Comments/Comments Search
Pre-screen Capability (acid test)
Reports by Lender/Contact
Lender Search Results
Pipeline Status
Selected-Lender Matrix
Term-Sheet/Quote Matrix

Owner/Investor Database
Owner/Investor Details
Contacts & Contact Lot
Store Related Files
Sort by Owner/Investor Information
Property Database
Property Details
Appraisal Information
Store Property Pictures and Files
Record Comparable Information
Search/Sort by Property Information

Loan Package Builder
Streamlined Process
Property/Loan Data Input
Entity Database
All Entity Types
Third Parties, etc.
Entity Search
Contacts & Contact Log
Filing Cabinet
Lender Details & Functions (see below)
Borrower/Principal Details
Type & Structure
Deals/Properties/Loans Tied To Entity

Pipeline & Deal Management
Package/Quote Tracking

Pipeline/Production Reports
Pipeline Detail/Summary
Expected Closings
Cash Flow Projection
Fee Reconciliation



North Shore™ aggregates all your information in a central database-
The North Shore™ database aggregates all of your company's information, including Lenders (Capital Sources), Borrowers/Clients/Owners, Properties, and your Deals). Everything associated with a deal is stored as well: Pictures, site plans, maps, Vendors, Brokers, etc. into one central database. The data can be manipulated and accessed in any number of ways by various groups within your company for a variety of reporting or marketing purposes.
North Shore™ provides the ability to collaborate with all parties involved in the origination and closing process-
The North Shore™ system allows for all parties to collaborate and share information on a loan transaction, no matter where they are located. This could include remote field offices, Lenders, Vendors, Borrowers or agencies.
North Shore™ CapitalSources Database-
North Shore Systems can incorporate its CapitalSources database as an additional module, allowing you to compile an extensive, searchable database of potential lending sources.
North Shore™ platform enables faster loan underwriting and sizing -
The North Shore™ platform provides the ability to set-up loan underwriting criteria for any number of Lender programs, mirror your current underwriting templates and loan packages (replacing the need for spreadsheets, which are prone to errors), create reports, checklists and screens. Provides for single entry underwriting.
North Shore™ is web-enabled-
The North Shore™ System can be accessed using any browser. Remote users can access the system via an intranet or the Internet with the proper security measures.
North Shore™ Systems wants to be your technology partner not your business partner-
North Shore™ is provided on a monthly or annual license fee basis. We do not participate in your loan fee or other income streams.
North Shore™ provides consulting and implementation services-
The North Shore Systems team provides additional services to help you determine the best technology solution for your organization. We can help you weigh the various merits of Enterprise vs. ASP or Licensed vs. Proprietary (In-house) systems.
Now you can access North Shore™ using our new broker app
for the iPhone and iPad! Need to find a capital source for a deal on the go? Now within seconds you can inquire on the public and private capital sources database.

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