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North Shore Systems
216 Avenida Fabricante, Unit #102
San Clemente, CA 92672
Ph: 949.545.6550
Fax: 949.545.6556
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For Brokers:
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How our state-of-the-art software best integrates with your business needs for productivity and success.

In this fast-moving and ever-changing market, the demand for new mortgage products is constantly increasing. North Shore™ responds to this demand by offering another key element to the Total Solution. Introducing our Mortgage Broker Software. Not only does it allow you to collaborate and share information on a loan transaction through the web, it also provides a portal for Brokers to develop loans online, through a system that directly interfaces with North Shore Click here to learn more...
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For Lenders:

Download a copy of our free booklet, Selecting a Commercial Real Estate Lending System, A Simplified Guide to review important criteria that you should consider when choosing a systems provider.

To learn more, schedule a free, no-obligation Internet demonstration, or contact us 24/7. Our experienced live representative will guide you through each module and answer all of your questions. After seeing North Shore™ software in action, you can decide how our mortgage software expertise best integrates with your business policies and procedures.
Commercial Real Estate Lending SOLUTIONS for Brokers and Lenders.
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CRM * Lender DB * Loan Package * Pipeline * Underwriting * Closing * Portfolio * Compliance * Pooling

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing software products that will make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. We believe in quality solutions that are reliable and offer the flexibility to service many types of loans. With North Shore's process automation, you can easily perform tasks to service loans from start to close. We provide you the tools to help grow your business. Click here to learn more about North Shore...

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